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The last thing you want to have happen to your garage door is for it to suddenly stop closing. A wide open garage isn’t exactly safe, after all. Not only is your car exposed to potential thieves, but everything you keep in your garage is as well. There are several reasons why your garage door may not be closing. Before seeking emergency garage door services in Sacramento, you may want to check for the following signs since you might be able to fix a simple problem on your own:

  • Misaligned sensors – Check the infrared sensors on your garage door. If they aren’t functioning like they are supposed to, then one of them will probably be blinking. Check their position and check the wiring. Tightening them can help to realign them. Sometimes, the sensors may simply be blocked – removing whatever it is that’s blocking the sensors can fix the problem.
  • Warped track – If your garage door will only close partially, then it may be because the track is warped. Watch the sensors from inside the garage as it closes. If the sensor light flickers as the door halts, then the track is warped. Clean the track and tighten any loose fittings.
  • Garage door opener – There might be a problem with the garage door opener down limit switch. If the door closes partially before coming to a stop, then this could be the case.  You’ll need to adjust the down limit switch by measuring the distance at which the door stops. You’ll then need to access the down limit switch inside the  motor housing of the garage door opener.

These are some problems that might be causing your garage door to stop closing. For emergency garage door services in Sacramento, contact us at Cost Less Garage Door today.