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Picking up an additional garage door opener remote is a smart idea. You never know when an extra remote will come in handy. However, trying to figure out what remote to get can be a bit of a tough task. The following are a few tips that will help you find the right garage door opener remote for you:

One way to go about choosing an extra remote is by checking your motor unit’s manufacturer and model information. The motor unit should be located on the garage ceiling although you can also find it on the external receiver that’s located by the wire antenna. This will allow you to buy an exact replacement for your remote since you can match the brand and model number. Another option is to pick up a universal garage door opener remote. These will typically work with all new garage door openers. You will still want to know the manufacturer and model number of your garage door opener to ensure compatibility, and once you pick up a universal remote, you’ll need to program it. Many universal remotes also have light control switches, allowing you to turn on the garage light as well.

The amount of buttons the remote needs will determine on how many functions you need. A two-door garage will need two buttons. If you have a two-door garage but also want to control the lights, you’ll need three buttons. An alternative to getting a remote is to get a wireless keypad, which you can mount outside of the garage. This will allow you to open up the garage door without the use of a remote.

Use these tips in order to get a new garage door opener remote and be sure to contact us at Cost Less Garage Doors today for more information.