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Dealing with a garage door that won’t open can be quite annoying. However, before calling a professional to come inspect your garage door, you may want to take a look for yourself to see what might be wrong. There’s a good chance that it’s an issue with your garage door opener. The following are a few trouble shooting tips for your garage door opener:

There are three main types of garage door openers. They either use belt drives, chain drives or screw drives. However, troubleshooting is basically the same for all three types since they work in a similar manner. They all contain transmitters or handheld remotes to command the drive system what to do, they all have a warning device that goes off if something is preventing the door from closing, and they all have wired-in control buttons allowing you to operate the door from inside the garage.

First of all, check your remote’s batteries. Sometimes, the solution really is this simple! If this isn’t it, check both your remote opener and the hard-wired button. If the remote doesn’t work, then it’s a problem with the radio transmitting part of the opener. Most systems come with two remotes. If neither work, then there’s probably an issue with the motor’s receiver.

If it turns out that it’s a problem with the remote, you can just order a replacement remote. If the receiver is an issue, you’ll need to order a replacement receiver or a complete radio control system, which will contain new remote control transmitters and a universal receiver.

These are a few tips to help you figure out what’s wrong if your garage door opener isn’t working. If you are in need of garage door spring repair in Sacramento, contact us at Cost Less Garage Doors today.