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One of the most important things to consider in terms of your garage door is its security. The garage door helps to keep your car as well as everything in the garage safe from thieves. Not to mention that the garage is often attached to the house, which means that it is also preventing thieves access to your home. Because of this, you should contact emergency garage door services in Sacramento if you see that your garage door is damaged. A damaged garage door can make it easier for thieves to break into your garage. Additionally, be sure to use the following garage security tips to help prevent break-ins through your garage:

  • Never leave your garage door remote inside of your car. If someone breaks into your car and steals your remote, they’ll have a way to get into your home.
  • Buy a keychain remote opener in order to keep the remote on your keys.
  • Make sure that your garage door emergency release is secured.
  • Always keep the door between your garage and home locked. In fact, you should put a deadbolt on the door. Having to use a key to get from the garage into the home isn’t that big of an inconvenience.
  • Never leave the garage door open. Anyone passing by your home can easily walk right into your garage and take whatever they want before disappearing without a trace.
  • If your garage door has windows, then make sure the glass is frosted or covered. Don’t give potential thieves the opportunity to case out your home by letting them peek through your windows.
  • If you go out of town, padlock your door’s throw latch.

Use these security tips to help secure your garage. For emergency garage door services in Sacramento, contact us at Cost Less Garage Door today.