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When it comes to garage door installation, we recommend having a professional service come to do it for you. Although it is possible to do on your own, using a professional service will ensure that it’s done right. Either way, you’ll have three types of drives to choose from. The type of garage door opener you decide to use depends on personal preference. The following are the different garage door openers you can use:

  • Screw drive garage door opener – These work differently than the other two garage door opener options because they use a trolley to ride on the threaded-steel rod, which in turn rotates with a motor in order to move your garage door. If you want fewer moving parts to maintain, the screw drive garage door opener is a good option. They do tend to be a bit noisier and expensive though.
  • Chain drive garage door opener – This is the most common type you can get. It runs on a bicycle-like chain in order to push the trolley that is connected to the J-arm that’s attached to the door. While new technology has allowed chain drive garage openers to be a little less noisy, they do still tend to exhibit metal on metal noise. Because of this, many garage owners prefer to use them for detached garages.
  • Belt drive garage door opener – This type is the most quiet option there is. It works in the same way as a chain drive garage opener except that it uses a belt instead of a chain. The belts are usually manufactured out of polyurethane, steel-reinforced rubber or fiberglass.

These are the three main garage door openers that you can choose from. For additional advice concerning your Sacramento home’s garage, be sure to contact us at Cost Less Garage Doors today.