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If you’re like many homeowners, then odds are you’re preparing to clean out your home as the winter season comes to an end and spring begins. When planning your spring cleaning, be sure not to forget about your garage. The following are a few tips for caring for your garage in Sacramento this spring:

  • Get rid of what you don’t need – Go through every item in your garage and organize what you don’t want or need. Give these items to friends or family, donate them or throw them out.
  • Organize everything else – Once you’ve weeded through everything, start grouping things together. For example, put all sports equipment together and all garden equipment together. Use bins and stackable containers to hold these items to cut down on clutter.
  • Decide where everything goes – When putting everything back on the shelves, figure out where they should go. For example, you won’t want to put cleaning supplies all the way on the top shelf where you can’t reach them since you’ll need them regularly. Seasonal items or rarely used items should be stored in the harder to reach areas.
  • Use your wall space – The wall space in your garage can be used to help keep the space better organized. Install a pegboard so that you can hang a number of items, such as tools, in plain sight. You may want to add more open shelving as well. Remember, you don’t want to keep things on the ground, since this takes up too much of the garage’s space.
  • Add closed cabinetry – Some items you just don’t want to store in plain sight, like paint cans or garbage bags.

Use these tips for caring for your garage in Sacramento and contact us at Cost Less Garage Door for more advice.