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Odds are pretty good that you use your garage doors on a daily basis – especially during the winter when you don’t want to leave your car parked outside in the cold. This means that if it begins making sounds, it’s going to get on your nerves relatively soon. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to fix noisy garage doors. However, if the noise is because of a problem with the function of the garage doors, you should invest in garage door repair in Sacramento. If there’s no problem other than the noise, then use the following tips to fix it:

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    Tighten the parts – Use your deep socket and ratchet to tighten all of the door and track hardware. Just be sure not to over tighten them since this can strip the lag screw holes or even pull the carriage bolt heads through the door.

  • Check your rollers – Make sure the rollers and hinges aren’t worn down. Rollers can wear down over the years, so replace them if they are wobbly or worn. Use nylon rollers, which are quieter and don’t require oiling.
  • Check your hinges – Worn hinges are much less common than worn rollers, but they can occur. Inspect the area where the hinge pin meets with the door’s hinge bracket. If you seen oblong hole, replace the hinge.
  • Check the chain – If the garage door opener chain is loose, it can cause loud slapping sounds. Tighten the chain and lubricate the opener track using grease if you have a track drive opener.
  • Use garage door lube – Spray down the hinges, springs and roller bearings with a garage door lube.

Use these tips to get rid of garage door noise. For garage door repair in Sacramento contact us at Cost Less Garage Doors today.