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Garage Door Track Repair–Do It Yourself

Garage doors can become difficult to open due to wear and tear over time. So garage door track repair will be needed for smooth operation.

Repairing a garage door track is a process that can be completed relatively easily with some simple household tools. A garage door can become difficult to open due to wear and tear over time, or the track may become loose–making the door unsafe. In some cases, the door and/or track will need to be completely replaced, however most of the time this problem can be fixed for less than $20, if you fancy yourself a handy person.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Garage Door Track Repair Instructions

1. Pull the door all the way up so it is completely open. The door should be all the way up on the ceiling so you can easily move it back and forth as you make adjustments.

2. Inspect the door and track for any loose screws or hinges. A loose part can cause the door to get stuck as it moves along the track because the door is uneven while it’s rolling. Tighten any of the loose parts with a Phillips head or flat head screw driver.

3. Locate any spots along the metal track that may have become rusted, worn or tight. In addition, locate any wheels along the door that are also rusted or worn. Spray these areas with WD-40 to help loosen them and help move the door smoothly.

4. Locate the middle of the garage door, if you have a garage door that swings open rather than rolls up. If you notice the door is sagging in the middle, install metal reinforcement bars in the middle. Screw the reinforcement bar into place with a screw driver; the bar should be screwed in in at least four places. This will prevent the door from continuing to sag. Another essential fix that is needed for your garage door track repair.

Your Garage Door Track Repair is complete.

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