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Picture it…a long hard day at work only to have to make that drag of a drive home in the sizzling hot sun to pull up to that familiar and matriarchal place called home, in front of the “town gate” from days dating long back to yesteryear. Oh…that’s your garage door. You know what your next though is! You seek out help, not just any, the “hired gun” to get the job done…right.

The first prospect you speak with, having all of the poise and verbosity of a seasoned professional promising a free estimate on site…guarantee of parts, and low labor charge. Well now!!! Doesn’t that sound good!!! Yes. Until…

At foreboding distance, there he stands…”someone with all of the apparent wholesomeness of when “Sentenza” comes looking for you and if you have a meal before you, you’d better may be your last! Last good meal that is…ramen and corn flakes for a month for what you know this guy is gonna stick ya for. Here are some classic signs of a bad garage door experience ahead:

  1. Bait and switch: While you did get a free estimate and a low hourly rate, he then quotes prices that would make you wonder which do you cut on your vacation or cash in your blue chip stock (shame… blue chips are usually only around $3.49 per bag).
  2. Cloak and Dagger: you might get a lifetime warranty on the part but not the labor. Oh by the way the company warrantying the part may have gone out of business by that time as well as the installer hired.
  3. A Big Flag is a Red Flag: Usually the large mall car dealerships fly the biggest versions of “Ole Glory” in the sky where the price of the vehicle reflects a proportion to the size of flag, building, acreage of the car lot and even those yummy glazed donuts with the rainbow sprinkles they bought to lure you in. Large and frequently shown ads (or spreads) on billboards, phone books and internet pages, etc, draw a mighty big bill of many thousands of dollars. Some one is going to pay for all or much of that cost.

Ok…removing the gloom and doom from the picture. Say you make the decision you knew was right to begin with…you went with the good folks at Costless Garage Doors who value correct installation the first time, a bargain price and excellent customer service as top priority. Let’s look at what you can expect from us at Costless Garage Doors.

    1. Professional installation from a certified and licensed installer done right the first time.
    2. In almost all cases an estimate can be done over the phone to save you time.
    3. Lifetime guarantee on all parts and labor from Costless Garage Doors.
    4. Only the best parts are used with your new or repaired garage door including the top rated 10,000 cycle springs (on new installs and repairs requiring them), on your request we can provide the top rated 30,000 cycle spring for extended worry free operation. Parts can even be custom built to your garage door needs from our facilities.
    5. We will meet or beat any price for any similar part or service of any competing licensed and insured contractor/installer on the repair or installation of your garage door.

Now with that said, and the job done…a soothing calm permeates your whole being as you arrive in your driveway beholding the pathway to your oasis that is your new or resurrected garage door. Ready to cradle your carriage and properly veneer your home. Now you can focus on what matters for the time being. A Spaghetti dinner with the sweetie and baby sitter for little ones??? Hmmm??? Usually a better outcome than that of your typical “spaghetti western.”

Costless Garage Doors’ number one goal is customer satisfaction, priding ourselves on service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Call our garage door experts now.