Broken Garage Door Springs

Broken Garage Door Springs

Broken garage door springs doesn’t mean it’s time to buy a whole new garage door…..just call Costless Garage Doors, the Garage Door Spring Replacement Experts in Sacramento!

Our experienced garage door repair technicians will quickly replace your broken garage door springs with a new high-quality garage spring or with an upgraded garage door spring that comes backed up by our warranty.

We know there is no convenient time for a Garage Door Spring to break. That’s why we will do our best to schedule the install of your new garage door springs around your schedule. In many cases, we are able to fix your broken garage springs the same day you call us!


What You Need To Know About Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are the large wire coils that assist you in lifting your garage door up and down. In case of a manual garage door opening you will have to open the garage door a foot or two above the ground and the rest of the job is taken care by the garage door springs. The same applies to an automatic garage door opener too, once you either press the garage opening switch either through a remote or other mechanism, the springs automatically do the lifting and lowering job for the garage door.

Generally there are two fundamental types of garage door springs. They are as follows:

  • Torsion springs
  • Extension springs

Torsion Spring Repair in Sacramento

The springs that are wound-up on the rod over the garage door opening are called torsion springs. Since torsion springs are tied tightly during installation they exert lot of energy. And this puts them at a higher risk of break down as they are wound closely and tightly.

A torsion spring balancing mechanism generally includes one to two firmly wound springs on a steel tube with wiring at both sides. The equipment completely build itself up on the header wall located on top of the garage door which consists of three supports: a center putting up with the plate made out of either steel or nylon bearing while the other two end supporting plates at both ends. The springs include a steel wire with a motionless shaft at one end and a twisted shaft at the other end. The motionless shaft is attached along with the center bearing plate. The twisted shaft has lots of holes at every 90 degrees for winding the springs while two set of screws are attached to safeguard the springs attached to the shaft. Steel balance cables scamper along from the roller brackets to the underneath corners of the door to a mark in the cable drums. When the door is lifted upwards, the springs wind down themselves and the stored tension helps in lifting the door by rotating the shaft, thus spinning the cable drums, draping the cables roughly around the channels located on the cable drums. When the door is brought down, the cables untangle themselves from the drums and the springs are rewind back to full tension levels.

Extension Spring Repair in Sacramento

The second type of garage door springs available is the extension springs. Extension springs are usually used for door tracks. As the name suggests, these springs help in extending and closing the garage door. An extension spring system includes a couple of extended springs running correspondingly to the parallel tracks. The extension springs help in lifting the door through a structured pulley and this in turn counterbalances the cables operating from underneath the brackets all the way through the pulleys. When the door is lifted-up, the extension springs contract and this enables us to lift the door as and when the tension is released.

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