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We all make mistakes that seem incredibly silly and avoidable in hindsight. For example, getting in your car that’s parked in the garage and completely forgetting to open the garage door before backing out, resulting in your car crashing into your garage door. It happens to the best of us – and believe it or not, it’s actually a pretty common mishap. There are professionals who provide emergency garage door services that state they end up working on a garage door in which this has happened at least once a week. So what exactly should you do if you happen to back into your garage door?

First things first, you need to call emergency garage door services in Sacramento to come take a look at the damage. The biggest mistake you can make is to try and inspect the door yourself. The garage door is basically a huge moving wall, which means you can easily hurt yourself if you make an attempt to fix it on your own. Just consider all the parts that are involved in the operation of a garage door. Depending on the damage you’ve done, the springs could be under more than typical pressure, not to mention that the cables could snap.

If your garage door is stuck open and needs to be closed for security purposes, then manually close the door if you can see that there isn’t too much damage. Just make sure you don’t use force as this could further damage the door. As far as insurance goes, any damage that occurs to your vehicle falls under your car insurance, while the damage done to your garage door falls under your homeowner’s insurance.

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