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When you first think about it, buying a garage door doesn’t seem like something you need to put much thought into once you’re past the aesthetic options. However, you’ll soon find that there are actually a lot of different things that you’ll need to consider, including what kind of garage door opener you want (chain-drive, belt-drive or screw-drive?), what type of safety and security features you should implement and how much power you need. While we’re on the subject, how do you figure out how much power your garage door opener needs?

There are two main different sizes of garage door openers that are determined by the amount of horsepower that they provide. The amount of power you need for your particular garage door depends a great deal on the door itself.

  • 1/3 Horse Power – As long as your garage door is balanced properly and its weight is evenly distributed, a 1/3 horse power garage door opener should be able to lift it. However, if you want your garage door opener to last, the 1/3 horse power garage door opener is better suited to single garage doors that aren’t heavy.
  • ½ Horse Power – This tends to be the most popular powered garage door opener.  It works for both single and double garage doors that exhibit an average weight.
  • ¾ Horse Power – This is the most powerful garage door opener you can get and works best for oversized and heavy garage doors, such as those made out of wood.

If you’re still unsure, then we recommend picking the highest powered one. The price difference between something like a ½ horse power motor and a ¾ horse power motor isn’t very significant.

Use these tips to figure out how much power you need and contact Cost Less Garage Doors for more advice.