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The garage door is a feature of your home you should pay regular attention to. Trying to manage a malfunctioning garage door is not only a huge hassle, it can be dangerous as well. When caring for your garage in Sacramento, be sure to look for the following signs:

  • The door opens and closes slowly – It shouldn’t take forever for the garage door to respond to your command. Usually it will take only a few seconds to open or close after pressing the button on your garage door opener. Once it does begin operating, the door needs to open or close smoothly – if it takes too long to respond or doesn’t operate smoothly, then there may be a problem with the door or with your opener. You’ll want a professional to come inspect the door for problems.
  • Parts of the garage door are sagging – Check the garage door’s balance every month. You can do this by disconnecting the opener from the door, then operating it manually. Leave the door open midway. If it continues to rise or fall, then there’s an issue with the tension spring.
  • Your energy bills are too high – Because garage doors use electricity to function, they will have a small effect on your energy bills. However, they shouldn’t result in an absurd increase of energy costs. If you notice your bills have gone up, you may need to upgrade your garage door to a more energy efficient model. Most newer garage doors are energy efficient, so it could be worth the change.

These are a few signs to look out for. For additional tips on caring for your garage in Sacramento, be sure to contact us at Cost Less Garage Doors today.