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Homeowners are more often than not looking for new and creative ways to reuse utilitarian elements of their home design. Doing so not only helps give their homes a unique and personal look, but also allows them to re-use elements that would have been thrown away, thereby making their home more environmentally friendly. Examples you may be aware of include the use of old doors as coffee table tops or bed headboards. The same can be done with garage doors.

Your old garage doors can be repurposed in several different ways. Due to their size, they make excellent interior room dividers, especially in open space floor plans. One unique method in which they are being used is as a way to open up the home to the outdoors. While more typical homes will use glass sliding doors, a garage door with large windows helps add a much more unique twist to the function and has become quite popular in mountain and coastal areas, where homeowners have more incentive to open up their homes to the outdoors due to the scenic beauty of those areas.

Glass windowed garage doors tend to provide a clean and modern look. The glass is held in place through the use of an aluminum grid system. When it comes to installing a new garage door in the home, most homeowners go for models that don’t use electric motors since those look incredibly out of place inside the house. Fortunately, track-less, rail-less and spring-less garage door systems are now available.

The garage isn’t the only place where you can install a garage door. Consider installing a new garage door within the home as well. Contact us at Cost Less Garage Door for more tips on installing a new garage door.